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 +==== Port of Tacoma ====
 +[[https://​​photos/​baggis/​4202395813/​|{{ :​wiki:​metainfo:​seattle_location:​port_of_tacoma.jpg?​300|}}]]
 +The port of [[Tacoma]] is one of the busiest parts of the greater Port of [[Seattle]]. Every year, it handles more than 15 million tons of cargo going in an out of Seattle. There are no numbers on the amount of smuggling going on, but if you want to bring something into Seattle without too much scrutiny, then there could be worse places to try than the port.
 +[[http://​​maps/​xa3As|get directions to the Port of Tacoma]]
 +{{tag> Tacoma Tacoma_location Port_of_Tacoma port}}
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