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I Put a Spell on You

Victor's Mail

5th April 2073

I cannot believe this shit. I mean, yeah, they got their ass kicked, twice, and they’re in Azkaban, but Bob’s still gone. You better believe I’m pissed.

Ok. so the way this happened was I was doing a seance with Bob for these people who were a bit weird, but what else is new. Things were just getting good when they keeled over. I grabbed Bob and got the hell out of there, just in time. Got to the panic room and patched myself up, bit of a close call there. I get to watch some adept kick down some of my walls on the cameras.

Suddenly, this Flying Eye drone chirps up, telling me this is an official Knight Errant operation and that I should follow the drone outside, the officers would arrest the perps.

Yeah, right.

I regret not just slapping the drone out of the door, but it was nice enough opening the door, having it fly out and then just closing the door behind it, with the help of an illusion. The adept had been hiding herself behind one of the shelves, but wasn’t fast enough to do anything.

She did start punching her way through my collection then and I admit, I got angry and reckless. On the other hand, Bob was nice to have, but some of that stuff is really and truly irreplaceable. So I grabbed a gun and went to stop her, hit her with a spell. That went much better than expected, she was as good as knocked out, only happy about it. I took her comlink and some other stuff she had and I realized that I had seen her before, at one of my seminars. I noticed her in the first row there because she checked me out astrally. Probably doing some legwork.

Her friend had gotten his hands on a key card by then and stashed himself somewhere while he was taking an astral look at the situation. I noticed his counterspell, but it didn’t do anything except probably feeling like a kick to the nuts. We met face to face on the landing and I have to hand it to him, he was fast. Possession sure is a nice talent to have. The adept finally managed to shake the spell and she decked me. After that, everything was over very fast, with Bob gone and no trace once they ditched the car they stole.

Knight Errant found them and they got SWATed, but Bob was already who knows where. Sold, maybe, or maybe they really are suckers who buried him somewhere as he probably asked them to. I offered them a deal to get him back, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

I’m not sure about those two people at the seance, since you’ve asked. I’ve had much more weird people, it comes with the territory, and I didn’t have the feeling of being lied outright to, but there’s something off about all this. Nothing I can prove, of course. I need to sleep on this a bit, I’ll let you know how I decide.


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