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Rat Express

The Rat Express is a service that takes parcels and other deliveries into and out of the Barrens – there is no official postal service there. It’s based at the Rat’s Nest, with another office in Touristville. From there, the deliveries are passed along to and from the normal post and bike/scooter couriers take them into the Barrens. The Rat Express is one of Glitzy’s projects. She also has a deal with the Pho Xao restaurant to make deliveries for them.

People who work for the Rat Express:

April 2071

7.5k NY are stolen from the office at the Nest. Liana took it, but doesn’t remember it and it’s not the first time something like this happened at the Nest. However, this time it was noticed soon enough to still detect traces of magic. Glitzy has offered 7k to anyone who catches the thief. This was later resolved when it turned out that Gen Wong has magically influenced people to steal for him.

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