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Rivet is a strong orc, 2m high, very broad and mean looking; he has a few burn scars all over his left side. He is of irish descent and speaks Gaeilge fluent.

He usually operates the smithy, under the same roof as the workshop of Monkeywrench, where he makes armor, crossbows and parts for monkeywrench. He likes dogs and he often plays his Highland Warpipe or his Uilleann Pipe in the Rusty Barrel. Also, he can box and is a member of the Scrappers.


Years ago, he was a cyberboxer for the Russian Mob. Recently, he reconnected with his old boss, Jury Medwedew.

He doesn’t have a dog right now, since one dog run away while he was comatose, and the other was killed by Knight Errant.

Since the boxfight with the Spikes, he has problems remembering things.

He usually doesn’t interfere with bar brawls.

May 2071

Rivet leaves the Nest to work for Jury full time.

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