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 +==== Roninwaffen holn und die Innenstadt demoliern ====
 +===Frettchen'​s Therapy Sessions===
 +**25th June 2071**
 +[Recording Session, Session ID SEA#0004]
 +Drizzly rain makes it hard for the camera to focus, but after some oculary struggle it shows the sharp image of a steep slope in [[Seattle]]’s traffic.\\ ​
 +“Evenin’,​ Doc.”, [[Frettchen]] greets her simulated psychologist whose face is displayed in the upper right corner of the image.\\ ​
 +“Good evening, Miss Aidee. I see you are in the middle of a recreative exercise?​”,​ he says and seems pleased, while people, shops and lamp posts pass by in a blur.\\ ​
 +“Yeah, needed a little skating to clear my head, get to know the streets better and all. Might as well also get over with the next session now.”\\ ​
 +A car honks as she zips by, prompting and angrily shouted “Asshole!” from the [[elf]].\\ ​
 +“I’d strongly advise you to slow down, or at least go to a less frequented area. If you wish, I could search for adequate skate parks for you.”, the virtual doctor suggests.\\ ​
 +“Nah, I’m good, thanks. So, I had some fun at work…”, she started, fishtailing to evade some pedestrians,​ “My buddy Ruckus and I were supposed to do this kinda commission-delivery thing for our employer, you know, get something from the local Hentai Fans Anonymous?​”\\ ​
 +A sharp turn, a slight tilt of the image to the left before it goes straight again.\\ ​
 +In the corner of the display, the AR head of the doctor frowns.\\ ​
 +“I’m still unclear of your actual job description. As far as I remember, you wanted to leave the delivery business, correct? Why did you re-engage in this branch?​”\\ ​
 +“Oh, you know me: as long as it’s fun, I’m in. And this WAS fun! The stuff we were supposed to get wasn’t actually fully paid. So my boss was like: go figure that shit out. Dick move, but well, I appreciate a challenge. Did a bit of browsing on the local job boards, and yes, I’m sorry, the shady ones, didn’t know what else to do. We were, like 20k short. The [[Stuffer Shack]] ran out of business…Can you believe THAT, Doc?”, she asks casually and dodges another taxi and gives her board two more kicks to keep momentum. “Anyway, [[Minimart]] filled the grocery vacuum and sooooomebody didn’t seem to like that. Opening read something like ‘Put X Minimarts out of business for a couple of days, earn one grand for each, should look like gang violence < 3’…Ran a few numbers, plotted a route and off we went, my buddy [[Ruckus]] and me.”\\ ​
 +The psychiatrist’s face gave her the usual frown but he just nodded, silently acknowledging her rant and letting her continue.\\ ​
 +“What? No good advice on how to be a less horrible person? Come on, Doc, you can do better than this!”, she complained while splashing through a sickly-grey puddle.\\ ​
 +“For good or ill, I find it more important to appreciate the fact that you made a positive social contact. \\ Forcing normative behavior on a special patient like you would be less than productive, thus I will adjust my modus operandi accordingly,​ Miss Aidee. As I said, I’m a counselor, I’m not here to patronize you or your actions.”\\ ​
 +“Heh,look who had an extra swoop of passive aggression in their Lucky charms this mornin’… Anyway, didn’t want to burn my own car for that gig. We grabbed us a mistreated Honda, gave it the beautiful name Trog Rocket and as an extra, we kidnapped the parking lot security whimp. His name’s Hank. A total pushover, he really needed some high-octane action and we needed a camera guy. Win-win, if you ask me. Don’t look at me like that…more social contacts…yay for me, right?​”\\ ​
 +A jump makes the image shake violently but it becomes steady after the landing and a smoother ride.\\ ​
 +“Would you like to elaborate why you approached this man in the manner you did? It was unorthodox, very invasive and violent, but according to you well-meaning.”,​ he says and writes down a note.\\ ​
 +“Sometimes you just have to force people to see straight and stuff, I guess. I mean, it’s extreme things like these that make you appreciate life, get a new outlook on things, see what’s possible…hey,​ was that a trick question or something?​”\\ ​
 +“I was just curious, Miss Aidee, please continue.”,​ he reassured the elf.\\ ​
 +“Weeell… yeah, right, so we got Hank on board and trashed all sorts of Minimarts. My favorite one was that small store with the turban-guy. He dakka-ed away at me with his Kalashnikov and then knocked himself out with a grenade! Then the cops showed up, I ran over two Yaks ,took a turn at fucking 150 Mp/h, and those idiot cops followed me into a roadtrain one-way tunnel and got their shit wrecked spectacularly! Duuude, you should’ve seen that!”\\ ​
 +Frettchen laughs joyfully and the board loses some speed.\\ ​
 +“We managed to trash, stink up or vandalize 20 Marts in less than 6 hours, painted the fucking town red. Ruckus has some serious balls and style. Good guy, does all that shit for his family and he’s pretty tough to take down, even for an ork. Good taste in music, too. But I digress. So, yeah, we sent the Honda on it’s last journey, that thing was so hot that it’s a miracle we still had to light it on fire. We met up with the Hentai guys, had some tea and got us a shitload of weapons. Since our shabby little jackrabbit we rolled in on had no trunk to speak of, Ruckus’ mom picked us up. A very nice lady!”\\ ​
 +Frettchen stops and checks her GPS. “Well, look at that, never been here before…”\\ ​
 +“Illegal as it may have been, did your successful completion of the commissioned job improve the relationship with your co-workers?​”,​ the doctor asks casually.\\ ​
 +“Oh, hell yeah. My guess is, they thought we’d botch it hard and then they’d have an excuse to piss us off even more. But after they got their dropped jaws back in line, they seemed pretty amicable all of a sudden.”\\ ​
 +“While this is something I appreciate and call a step forward for you and your therapy I’d suggest…”\\ ​
 +The virtual shrink’s icon is suddenly overwritten by an incoming call.\\ ​
 +“Hold that thought, Doc…”\\ ​
 +-> [[Masterpost]]
 +{{tag> Adventure_Log Frettchen'​s_Therapy Frettchen Ruckus}}
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