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 +==== The Rubber Suit ====
 +[[https://​​photos/​65585473@N04/​15273782321|{{ :​wiki:​metainfo:​seattle_location:​rubber_suit.jpg?​300|}}]]
 +The Rubber Suit is a nightclub with ties to the [[Yakuza]], one of the oldest in [[Seattle]]. The theme for the club are old Japanese monster movies. The whole interior is modelled after a partially destroyed Tokyo, with buildings as chairs and tables. Switch on your [[matrix|AR]] and you’ll be treated to tiny people fleeing before you, tanks shooting at you and general mayhew caused by all the guests walking through the ruins. The club serves sushi and a variety of special drinks.
 +As far as anyone knows, the Yakuza does not own the place, but you can find Yakuza members here at any given time.
 +[[https://​​maps/​ms?​msa=0&​msid=210473767140301043862.0004cf750d989e7aded1d&​ie=UTF8&​ll=47.951305,​-122.240753&​spn=0.232704,​0.674973&​t=h&​z=11&​vpsrc=1&​iwloc=0004cf75152afc65791a2|get direction to The Rubber Suit]]
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