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Contacts, friends and family

Rusty was born in 2053 and grew up in Everett, around Casino Corner. He started to work as a runner (as in courier) for the Irish mob at an early age, to get away from his abusive, alcoholic father and the violence between his parents that spilled over to the children often enough.

He moved out for good when his father ordered him to start working at a job he had found, where Rusty would basically have been working with the pay going directly to his father. He probably could have gotten help from his contact with the mob, but he had already learned that this help would have come with a price. So he lived on the streets for a while until an acquaintance, an ork named Slicer, told him about the Rat’s Nest.

Rusty became a full member of the Scrappers when he turned sixteen. He has fought the Picas when the Scrappers retook the Nest and he proudly carries the scars he got during that fight. He had also been badly beaten during the Knight Errant raid on the Nest and the broken bones in his legs have healed badly, so for some time Rusty walked with a noticeable limp until Neil got around to breaking his legs again. Growler, the leader of the Scrappers, is very much a father figure for Rusty, although he wouldn’t admit it.

He sends money to his mother when he can and sometimes goes to see her and his little sister Brigit.

He has had a crush on a girl, Liana, for some time now. She works at the Fields, at the garbage sorting plants. Rusty finally worked up the nerve to invite her out and they spent a pleasant evening together, with only some minor hitches. Liana’s three girlfriends are less than happy to see Rusty with her and have made their feelings clear.

As of December 24th 2070, he has accepted Líng Bái as his prospect.


April 2071

Rusty starts taking flying lessons. he also now the proud owner of a false SIN under the name of Fiach O’Byrne.

May 2071

Rusty breaks up with Liana and has a run-in with her friends. With the help of Líng and Eric, he makes it clear that they overstepped. He also brings Brigit to the Nest to live with him.

June 2071

He gets together with Ling, takes a job as a data courier to Boston for Growler. Brigit turns into an ork.

July 2071

He takes on a job as bodyguard for Anastasia Medwedew, for a couple of days per month.

August 2071

Together with Líng, he flies to Boston to do a job for Growler and runs into a cyber-zombie.


Rusty used to earn his living as a callboy.
Rusty works for the mafia or possibly the Yakuza as a smuggler.


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