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 +===== Rusty Barrel =====
 +The Rusty Barrel is [[Growler|Growler’s]] pub. You can get something to eat here, drinks of course, including Growler’s own poitìn, music, a game of pool and the occasional bar brawl. The Barrel is where you sooner or later will meet everyone who lives at the [[Nest]].
 +In front of the pub is a terrace, and in front of that is a public water tap, and you almost always have to go through the mud in front of the terrace.
 +The Barrel hosts regular Irish music sessions.
 +People you meet here often:
 +  * [[Aillén]] O’Brian, part time musician, celtic harp
 +  * [[Ella]] Stone, part time musician, bodhrán
 +  * [[Growler]] ​  
 +  * [[Zoé]], daytime barmaid
 +{{tag>​Nest Location Nest_Location}}
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