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Jean-Zammis Delarosa, aka Rose (ex runner name) or Sam (nest). Voodoo priest and shaman


August 2071

Sam escapes from the Arcology and comes to live at the Nest.

December 2071

He is involved in a break-in in Fort Lewis.

April 2073

He gets arrested after stealing Bob from his owner and is imprisoned at Silcox Island Correctional Facility. Right before the trial, Mulligan and Stanley break him free.

May 2073

Hoang Tan Chinh asks him to help with another soup seller, Two Bits, who defended her turf by burning down Chinh's mobile kitchen. Sam talks to her and they reach a tentative agreement that Chinh can use the less desirable spots in Touristville. The negotiation ends with Sam and Two Bits in bed together.

Gossip and Housekeeping

Owes a favor to Hoang Tan Chinh - paid back in May 2073.

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