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 +==== Satellite Day ====
 +===Neil'​s Journal===
 +**29th May 2071**
 +Satellite Day has come and gone and this time, it brought full-out riots. It’s always somewhere between a block party and an opportunity to plunder and go berserk, depending on where you live, but this time people really went full-out. Probably because police were tied up with the [[lindt_chocolate_factory|factory]] that burned down and were slow to respond. At the [[Nest]], it was fairly quiet, but then there are much better places to raid that us. But we were still up all night. There was gunfire, even more than usual, and I think a couple of fires got started, but mainly people tried to get into [[Bellevue]] to plunder.
 +[[Redmond]] is in a state of emergency, with a curfew and you better have a [[SIN]] ready if you want in or out of [[Touristville]].. There are police raids and yesterday, people got arrested and beaten up for so much as breathing in the wrong direction. At least water and electricity have been restored. I went to meet [[Kowalski]] because I had a mind to call in one of the favors he owes me, to see if I can find a trace of Miss Patterson. Kowalski did have contacts to the [[celavies|Celavies]],​ but it was the maybe boyfriend of a woman Kowalski once fucked and then cheated upon. That is a train wreck waiting to happen, so I decided to pass.
 +Kowalski had a run in with some people who either didn’t like his face or wanted to deliver a warning, resulting in broken ribs and a broken jaw. He tried to self-medicate with whiskey, but [[Babsie]] and me finally got him to come to the [[clinic]]. They have a [[DocWagon]] contract, so they could have gone to a legit hospital, but Babsie mention the Hollywood Hospital and no. Just no. I want the man to be around a bit longer, if only to be able to call in the favors.
 +The operation would have gone smoother if Kowalski wasn’t on his way to becoming an alcoholic, but he’ll be okay, no major problems. One day I will haul off and punch him, though, if not for his self-righteousness then for his sexism. He has this giant ‘no homo!’-neon sign every time I touch him and this time, I tried how far I could push and flirted. I went so far and suggested that we could settle his debts in … another way. He squirmed and didn’t even know what to say because shit, if he suggest I’m gay, he probably offends me (like he would be offended) and if he doesn’t he might catch the gay from me. Babsie and me lost it anyway at about that time. It was mean. But it was fucking funny.
 +-> [[Masterpost]]
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