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 +===== School =====
 +The last school of the Rat’s [[Nest]] was destroyed [[Damage Done|during]] the [[Knight Errant]] raid. The new school is sort of a guerrilla operation to make it less conspicuous. The students work in small groups and basically teach themselves, students who are good in a subject teach the others. They are given open questions to solve, just prompts to wake their interest, with major attention on letting them explore and research by themselves, following their interests. The system is based on the ideas of Sugata Mitra It works quite well in the Nest. Every student gets a commlink to work with or brings her own and results are shared on hardware, the school has no virtual part to make it easier to hide. There is no central building, groups meet in the homes of the students.
 +{{tag>​Nest Nest_Location Location}}
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