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The Scrappers are the gang of the Rat’s Nest who serve as a sort of police force to protect the Nest and the people who live there. Their colours are gray and rusty red. Most of them are young, the minimum age is sixteen years.

Members of the Scrappers:

  • Growler, the leader of the Scrappers


  • Rivet - smith, cyberboxer and musician
  • Rip - unfortunately (for him) he is dead


  • Jamal, Mouse’s prospect
  • Líng Bái is Rusty’s prospect
  • Nguyễn Hoàng Tài, young dwarf, dayjob as a mechanic, Tooth' prospect
  • Ella Stone, young female ork, dayjob as a mechanic, musician, Dylan's prospect
  • Rist, Kerry's prospect
  • Toy, Slicer’s prospect



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