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 |Hardford Security|N|20 min|B|N|N|N |C|Y| |Hardford Security|N|20 min|B|N|N|N |C|Y|
 |Jolly Roger Security|Y|20 min|C |Y|N|Fence|N|D|Y| |Jolly Roger Security|Y|20 min|C |Y|N|Fence|N|D|Y|
-|[[Knight-Errant]]|Y|10 min|A+|Y|Y|Fence,​ Laser|Y|A|Y|+|[[Knight Errant]]|Y|10 min|A+|Y|Y|Fence,​ Laser|Y|A|Y|
 |Len Grubb & Assoc.|N|25 min|A|N|N|Fence,​ Laser|Y|A|N| |Len Grubb & Assoc.|N|25 min|A|N|N|Fence,​ Laser|Y|A|N|
-|Lone Star| +|[[Lone Star]]|
 |Nightdancer Home Protection|N|20 min|B |Y |Y|N|B|Y| |Nightdancer Home Protection|N|20 min|B |Y |Y|N|B|Y|
 |Olympic Home Defense|N|10 min|B|N|N|Fence|Y|B|N| |Olympic Home Defense|N|10 min|B|N|N|Fence|Y|B|N|
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