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Security Log

30th April 2071

Accessing security log. Please enter authorization. Authorization accepted, access granted.

A Matrix conference call, three people in the room. One, a plain Japanese man, sits behind a desk while the other two are standing in front of it. They use avatars: an impossibly slender woman in flashy latex clothes and a samurai in full armor. Even hidden behind the mask, he looks nervous and fidgets. “Sir, we have the situation under control…”

“Under control? Do tell me how a rogue AI, dead scientists, severe damage to our server and illegal…guests are a situation under control?” The Japanese man speaks quietly, but he might as well have shouted and hit the samurai, who squirms while he tries desperately to regroup. “We are dealing with sabotage, sir. The AI we can handle, we’re close to getting it in line again, but we are sure that some of the men who died during the accident had brought outsiders in. In that sense, the problem dealt with itself.” “The intruders are most likely dead”, the woman chimes in. “Even with our resources, we have a hard time dealing with that kind of shock. But we’re investigating the local spots for hackers to see if anyone knows anything. At the very least, it will put the fear of God into those kids.”

The Japanese man doesn’t look all that convinced, but nods. “See to it that nothing like this happens again. And I want prompt updates on everything you do. Please refrain from trying to hide anything from me.” He winks out of existence. The woman and the samurai share a glance and she laughs. “A samurai? Seriously?” Without waiting for an answer, she leaves and the samurai is left alone. “Fuck.” He logs off.


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