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Shipping Up to Boston

Fog's Audios

2nd June 2071

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A few days to breathe…yeah, that’s a good thing. Got my head back into the game with a clearer view of what lies ahead.
We were off for Boston, by air. Thank all Spirits Rusty and Glitzy know how to fly AND have a plane. I mean, just imagine driving the whole distance there…fucking ridiculous.
Whatever strings Glitzy had to pull to get us this gig it really puts her off…somehow. It’s weird, seemed to be all business but also absolutely not business for her at the same time. Hard to explain, but she just slapped on her pokerface and that was that.

So, yeah, we got there without problems for a change, pretended we knew how to act like proper business people…
I could finally tick off ‘Eat a friggin’ lobster’ on my bucket list and then we had our talk with Mister Stone, the most honest business man I’ve ever seen. I’m talking about the kinda businessman who makes you offers you can’t reject, values family and has ties to excellent concrete cobblers.
We talked about our approach before the actual deal so we wouldn’t screw up too badly and to be fair, we didn’t.
We raised the stakes a bit too high, he called our bluff and we got served.
For the first time I can remember, I broke with my prime principle to never lie or cheat in a deal.
Deal’s a deal and all that.
Well, since 10 millions were on the table, I took the gamble and lost.
Mister Stone’s no fool and he found out the chocolate was fake. Good fake, but still fake.
Glitzy’s contact basically strongarmed us into accepting 1 million and getting the stuff up here ourselves. At least he’ll cover transport and other expenses and we may get more jobs out of this, but that’s all we got.
We accepted and with still tasty 100k on the horizon for each of us, it’s now enjoying the East Coast.
Heard they had a nice Aquarium here with giant monster crabs or something and a haunted townhall…

… [End Audio]


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