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 +==== Silcox Island Correctional Facility ====
 +[[https://​​world/​2012/​apr/​10/​abu-hamza-isolation-supermax-prison|{{ :​wiki:​metainfo:​seattle_location:​silcox_island.jpg?​300|}}]]
 +Silcox Island is a maximum security facility in [[Tacoma]] mainly for [[magic|Awakened]] prisoners. Due to its isolated location, there is not all that much known for a fact about this prison, but it seems that paranormal critters like [[barghest|barghests]] are running free in the woods surrounding it, making an escape that much harder. And to get to the woods, you’d have to escape from a cell that houses you 23 hours a day, with no direct human contact ever, not with fellow prisoners and not with guards.
 +Prisoners are completely isolated, with no way of knowing where they are. Even the so-called exercise areas in the yard are designed to keep it that way – they are basically pits that allow only a view of the sky. The measures taken to ensure the cooperation of the Awakened prisoners are left to the imagination,​ but are rumored to involve mage-masks, drugs and BTL technology/​psychological programming.
 +[[https://​​maps/​ms?​msid=210473767140301043862.0004daf2e926526c7bcd5&​msa=0&​ie=UTF8&​ll=47.299256,​-122.43576&​spn=0.383705,​1.056747&​t=h&​z=11&​vpsrc=0&​iwloc=0004daf2f41248bf7097a|get directions to Silcox Island Correctional Facility]]
 +{{tag> Tacoma Tacoma_location Silcox_Island_Correctional_Facility prison}}
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