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 +==== Simon ====
 +[[http://​​photos/​mrsikhnet/​4746169526/​|{{ :​wiki:​npcs:​simon.jpg?​200|}}]]
 +[[Simon]] Singh is a med tech who has just started to work at the [[clinic]] of the Rat’s [[Nest]]. [[Glitzy]] met him when she went for a drink at the [[Bawdy Lass]].
 +Simon is an [[ork]] and he’s of Indian-Phillipino heritage. He’s also a Sikh and carries a full-sized kirpan when he’s at the Nest. He has been in jail for a year for stealing drugs at the hospital dispensary. He did steal drugs twice, both times for a friend with terminal cancer and no health care, but at the trial, he was accused of stealing pretty much anything that ever disappeared at the dispensary while Simon was working there.
 +He lives together with his husband [[Ronan]].
 +{{tag> NPC ork Simon med_tech}}
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