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Sink the Gustloff

Neil's Journal

1st May 2071

I don’t know why Zach (or Fog, but that’s another matter) bothers to pay rent for a container. He has spent the last two month more unconscious than awake. At least this time, he woke up a lot sooner, but for a moment I thought we’d lose him.

Toy brought him in, she had wanted to apologize for kidnapping him the other day and found him unconscious. We couldn’t wake him or find anything wrong, but we quickly figured out that he had somehow logged on to the UV host. At least, this time we were better prepared for what would happen, but in the end all we could do was wait, he had to make his own way out.

From what he has told me, the UV host is still in chaos or maybe even worse that before. It plays out the fall of the Third Reich and Zach found himself stuck on the Wilhelm Gustloff – with the memories of an SS man and no clue that this was not his actual identity. Some of EVO’s pixies were also on board and had personalities that fit into the setting, like a Russian deserter or a Polish resistance fighter. They quickly attracted attention from the Matrix surgeon who probably spotted them for what they were. Zach says he had flashbacks to his real self and to hidden memories of the SS man, without any way of telling what was real. In the end, he refused to do what the surgeon said and fought him, together with the pixies. That was his way out of the host, otherwise he would probably have been stuck there. And wouldn’t MCT like that. A technomancer to play with.

He brought back a small box filled with documents that he stole from the surgeon. This is the best proof that MCT is hiding a rogue AI we will ever get, I guess, but the question is what are we going to do with it. If they can trace it back to us, we will simply disappear. End our lives stuck on the host if they are feeling friendly or just get loaded onto a van and shot in the back of the head. I don’t particularly fancy either of those solutions.


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