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Slicer's House

The house and the surrounding areas used to be a small farm, probably of someone who tried to be as self-reliant as possible. It had been abandoned for decades when Slicer stumbled across it, the house, the barn and a small piece of pasture the only thing left. He squatted there on and off when the Nest got too busy for him. The house has its own water supply, there still an outhouse somewhere and whoever moved out left their couch. The couch moves through the living room at night and squeaks if anyone tries to sit on it.

July 2071

Slicer shows the house to Frettchen and invites her to come live there with him. After a long (for Frettchen) moment of stunned silence, she agrees.

December 2071

After a vigilante killing, Frettchen leaves Seattle for a year and Slicer starts looking for a new home where the neighbors are not as pissed off.

get directions to the house

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