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Neil's Journal

23rd March 2071

Why is it that everything bad happens all at once? I’m not all too sure what happened and honestly, I don’t really care all that much right now, but the clinic will stay shut for a bit longer than the couple of days I planned. Fog and his gang hit the Maria Magdalene Sanatorium, to get a friend of their out of there. They ran into some really sick stuff, the girls had been forced to work as slaves and as fucktoys for some very big names. They got out with fifty of the girls and a deal with the mayor to let the others go if he wanted to avoid exposure. I don’t think that really worked.

Anyway, they brought the girls to the clinic to get them on their feet again. About half the girls are at the Nest now, the rest were still at the clinic when all hell broke loose. Somehow the mayor’s people were able to pinpoint their location and they had to evacuate everyone in a hurry.

The first thing I heard about all this was a call from John Doe who told me that a busload of people had just driven into the yard of the old fertilizer plant where he lives. He was scared of course and thought they were hunters. I asked him to take a photo of the bus – it was the schoolbus we use in the Nest and Fog was just directing it into one of the buildings. I think he was a bit freaked when I called him to ask what the hell he was doing there. I told him about John and he was surprisingly relaxed about it, especially since I arranged for John to be fed.

There’s a good chance that the girls and Stanley will have a spirit looking for them. Fog said he could do something about that at the plant and Ruby and me raised a ward at the post office in the Nest for the rest of the girls. And now we wait. I’ll try and get some sleep, I am exhausted. Simply walking away from all this suddenly feels like an option.


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