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Snoqualmie River

The stinking river comes from south of Seattle and carries the waters from the Cascades down, meandering along the Crash Site where a few years ago one of the big ballistics for the rich and famous crashed, washes some of the fallout of Glow City with it like shimmering gold that can be found in its bed, only that this one is radioactive.

Later on its banks you’ll find cheap small chemical plants and other hazardous little start-ups that simply illegally invaded the lands that were bought by Federated Boeing to add their share to the disaster. The brew washes along the height of the Bargain Basements, where dead bodies are often added to the mix together with deflated used sex-dolls and other trash. It passes through the ashen wastelands of The Verge always this side of the border to Salish-Sidhe until it passes the Rat’s Nest under the bridge that spans over it, estimated seventy meter long.

In spring it often floods the lower parts of The Verge and surrounding lands, even the Rat’s Nest and poisons the crops. This and the ashes are the reason that The Verge has been a wasteland for decades.

A bit under the Rat’s Nest the river joins the bigger Skykomish River that is mostly non-polluted clean water running down from the clean NAN-cascades and below that even allows fishes to survive so it’s relatively “clean”, as clean as water in Seattle can be.

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