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The City beneath the City

Spirit Tales

16th August 2071

Our fellowship ventured forth from the troubled bubble kingdom in a carriage, driven by a local lawman. He was the beloved of the Girl of Too Many Words. His features were deformed and the curse of the corpse-eaters coursed through his veins, but she loved him nonetheless.
Though, for all her words, she didn’t have many for him, when they parted as they reached their destination. Perhaps, where too many words flow, more important thoughts wander astray.
The Walls of the underground city stood for centuries, forsaken, almost forgotten. First they became a sanctuary for those hunted and shunned, then, the city beneath the city became their home.
The tunnels and passageways of the orks and trolls ran wide and the people of the underground knew them. Some lead to dangerous places, like the temple of the dead god where the company needed to go.
But first they had to strike a deal with crafty scoundrels who would bring them safely inside the prison.
The Sage would take care of the bargain itself, meeting with those who’d crave the unlikely company’s coin in exchange for their shadowy expertise.
Meanwhile, the rest of them would find entertainment and relieve in this wondrous place. The Disgraced Bandit and the Girl of Too Many Words set out for drinks and dancing and the Spirit enjoyed the bountiful supply of food the street market had to offer.
She was careless, as riches had little value to her, and sticky hands took whatever money she brought with her.
Unable to pay the owner of a fine mushroom parlor, she offered to repay him in service in his kitchen and he agreed. Little did he know that the trivial task of chopping and slicing vegetables brought great joy to a sad spirit like her and was rewarding to in its own right. Then again, how would he know, if a spirit looked as human as she did? Some of the residents able to look behind the veil recognized what creature happily helped the fortunate cook and people were as spooked as they were intrigued.
And the mushroom kitchen had a peculiarly busy day.

The Girl and the Bandit, after an exhausting evening of dancing, were ready to meet up with the Sage and picked up the spirit after she finished working and a small incident involving too bold urchins and a pocket full of roaches. This stirred up some unwanted attention, but is was nothing bothersome.
The Sage informed them, that the smugglers would agree to guide the company, but a price had yet to be negotiated.
The good news turned into troubles, when the Girl of Too Many Words decided to play a game of mirages with the locals.
Without their consent and without considering it impolite.
The answer to her transgression followed swiftly and with force. The Bandit and the Spirit got between her and the angry pair of orks soon enough.
But the now Slightly Troubled Sage had to explain to their smuggling kinsmen, why she found it funny to insult the orks in their very home and why they shouldn’t double their initial price.
With wisdom and dwindling patience, he reforged the deal so the journey and our story would not come to an abrupt end.
The smugglers of the Underground City would guide the Unlikely Company through the maze and into the Prison.


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