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The Smell of Hot Chocolate

Fog's Audios

28th May 2071

[Start Audio]


[no time stamp]

Yes. Fuck yes.
We did it.
And I personally witnessed a tiny dragon going nuclear, or probably optical with a laser on a friggin’ safe.
Got a recording of that, for ‘Tube and matrix millions, in case everything else fails.
Of course there were some minor complications but we got out alive of this spectacular mess.
Everyone pulled their weight and did so fucking well.
The Humvee’s gone, sadly. I like simple yet durable tech. It’s nothing for the Barrens; makes you a target, but it was good having that thing around.
Engine burned out after the arm of a Halloweener got caught in the gears. Satellite Day riots provide a good head start ‘cause it keeps the cops busy, but the streets crawled with gangs and looters.
Static ate a lot of shrapnel and we barely managed to stabilize him, but he’ll pull through.
His stunt of nuking first the facility server and then the generator will cost him some serious money off our deal, but otherwise…a fine job.
Of course, as always, there was some barbed hook. Something was off about those seeds and after some research they proved to be a big fucking fraud. I mean, they got the job done, it was real chocolate, indistinguishable from the original, yet still, it wasn’t genuine. Lindt, or rather Shiawase was ripping off everyone.
Good thing is, their insurance will drown them in money, now that their whole factory blew up, so they have little incentive to go after us with full force.
At least if we learn from past mistakes and stop doing something stupid, like trying to do anything with those seeds or blackmail Shiawase…also means we’re back at whatever the chocolate gets us in a good deal, but that’s more than enough, I’d say.
We’re back at the fertilizer plant right now, about to store our millions in a safe place until we figured out how to sell all that shit…before Nebraska gorges away on our money.

[End Audio]


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