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The Verge

South of Rat’s Nest the fallout from Mount Rainier poisoned the land down the banks of the Snoqualmie River for about ten kilometres down about to the height of the village Duvall. Both banks of the river have been poisoned by the volcano’s ashes and sulphuric acid in 2013.

Every year the water washes some of the ashes downstream, making the water murky and stinking. Federated Boeing‘s promise after buying the land to do something about it was just an other PR scam of a mega. Local entrepreneurs often use the wasteland to build illegal cheap quick and dirty chemical plants or other industry that is environmentally harmful. But nobody protests about that because The Verge isn’t officially inhabited anyway.

Of course squatters have moved into the abandoned buildings and storefronts but nobody is asking about rights of the SIN-less anyway, how should they officially protest? So the border area between Redmond and the SSC has been contaminated since and the local plants didn’t make it any better. Sometimes the Salish-Shidhe Council protests, but it hasn’t changed anything for decades, because nobody was able or willing to pay the costs of the environmental cleanup and it’s not so bad anyway if you don’t have to live there. And officially nobody does.

Some of the small plants use locals as cheap labour with nobody asking questions about health issues and work conditions in those plants. The squatters have started to dig up stuff that was buried under the ashes, scavenging the buried treasures.


May 2071

The area has become one of the main battlefields for the long lasting territorial war between the Crimson Crush and the First Nations, who fight a proxy war between the Mafia and the Yakuza about the turf.

February 2073

With the end of the Tempo war, the Verge is a no man's land, as far as the gangs are concerned - most of them have suffered heavy losses and have better things to do than to fight over the ruins of the Verge. But some are starting to move in quietly, for example the Disassemblers.

Locations in the Verge

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