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The Witch of Snohomish

Fog's Audios

28th April 2071

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Where do I even start?
Rode right into the lion’s den, uhm…checked her, thoroughly, and came to the conclusion that she’s not the witch we’re looking for, just to get the hard facts out of the way right now.
The talisshop, run by a girl named Kiki is an oddity in Snohomish, to put it mildly. You know, this is the place where you don’t wanna be awakened or a meta if you’re not a theurgist or something.
It’s that place where every bodyshop seems to throw in a rectally implanted stick for free, along with some racist and backwater drekhead skillsoft as well.
Despite those turn-off facts, it’s here where I met a kind soul.
And though I’m not major league when it comes to reading people, I’m 100% sure she neither has the power or attitude to fuck up somebody’s mind. She also didn’t look as if she just made 70k to bolster her income.
The Man has her on the radar, too, since she’s got a criminal SIN. When I hear bullshit like that, I’m not too sad that I lost my own ID in the last crash.
This girl had a serious streak of bad luck, with the latest addition of us tracking her down instead of the real thief.
Well, I can’t exactly explain how we ended up in her bedroom, but there was tea involved, a lot of talking as well as my white knight complex combined with the fact that we seem to be kindred spirits.
Hey, there was just a lot adding up, okay?
She later confessed that she was terribly lonely and had a bad conscience since she put a spell on me.
I don’t know…think there was none. Had one or the other spell thrown at me and usually, I notice stuff like that. Got a thick skull, in the most positive sense of that phrase, when it comes to magic.
She still claimed that if she dropped it, all attraction towards her would end.
I called bullshit and I called correctly.
Heh, wont lie: she’s not a bombshell, nor an amazon. No athlete or femme fatale. She’s the girl…or witch next door. You know, in my line work, it’s pretty damn important to know when and who you will commit to. It’s hard not to develop a sense for the right people.
And she feels right. All the way.

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