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 +==== Therapy ====
 +===Frettchen'​s Therapy Sessions===
 +**14th June 2071**
 +[Recording Session, Session ID SEA#0002]
 +//Pale blue light flickers and creeps through the inside of a Van. The place could be called comfy, but it’s a hopeless mess of clothes, cables and spare parts at the moment.// \\
 +‘Goodday, Doc. How are you?’ \\
 +A [[frettchen|tall,​ lean elf]] sits cross legged in front of the trideo and the flickering image of a bald man in a worn out tweed jacket. \\
 +‘I’m fine, Miss Aidee. Are you ready for today’s session?​’,​ he asks and lifts his notepad with an encouraging smile. \\
 +‘Yes, let’s get this over with…’, the woman answers, rolling her amber eyes. \\
 +‘Excellent. So, tell me, how is [[Seattle]] treating you, have you settled in yet?’ \\
 +‘It’s not too bad. I miss the good kind of punks, everyone over here is either an asshole or a racist asshole and people keep calling me Ferret because they’re too stupid to make a proper ch-sound… But yeah, I’m happy enough to be alive after the, uh, mess at home.’ \\
 +The therapist makes notes, silently scribbling and visibly annoying his conversational partner. \\
 +‘Very good’, he concludes, but raising a brow. ‘So you have found a new job, yes?’ \\
 +‘[[blood_rumblers|Kind of]].’, she dodges. \\
 +‘Nothing shady, I hope. That is not a healthy fresh start, Miss Aidee.’ \\
 +‘Yeah, yeah… I know. It’s what I’m good at, though. I mean, it’s my conscience, Doc, right?’ \\
 +Her answer turned out to be more defensive than she intended. ‘Sorry, sorry…I’ll behave and stuff.’ \\
 +‘I’m not here to push you, I am here to give you counsel and good advice, Miss Aidee. From what I’ve gathered, you’re good at many more things, why not make a living out of those?’, he suggests. \\
 +‘Because those are boring. Can we talk about something else, please?’ \\
 +‘Of course…’ the doctor flips a page and gives the green-haired elf a stern look. ‘Have you “called” [[DocWagon]] recently?​’ \\
 +Frettchen seems to struggle a bit. ‘Yes…Maybe?​’ \\
 +The doctor sighs. ‘And there I thought we were making progress. I don’t have to remind you that tapping into emergency frequencies AND disturbing them is illegal. So I just inform you that we have to start over if you want to successfully overcome this issue.’ \\
 +‘Oh for fuck’s sake…’, she groans. ‘Not this again. I should’ve never have downloaded you…’ \\
 +‘If you aren’t satisfied, Miss Aidee, you can always call customer service. Until then I must ask: if you would truly think your purchase was a mistake, why do you still consult me?’ \\
 +She gives the virtual shrink a long, frustrated glare, but then clears her throat. ‘Guess because you are the only one I don’t need to lie to. Feels good to just talk for a change without making shit up.’ \\
 +‘Do you want to conclude this session?​’,​ he asks politely. \\
 +‘Yeah….’ \\
 +‘Will I see you next session?’ \\
 +‘We’ll see about that, doc.’, she says, grinning and switching of the trideo. \\
 +-> [[Masterpost]]
 +{{tag> Adventure_Log Frettchen'​s_Therapy Frettchen}}
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