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Tooth’s father started pimping the boy out for drugs when he was ten. He ran away a year later and lived on the streets, trading sex for drugs and maybe a place to stay and something to eat. He tried to kick his Bliss habit loads of times, but he always ended up in Touristville again, with no family or friends elsewhere to take him in. All his friends did drugs, so he didn’t manage to stay away from Bliss.

He held up a small bodega for drug money and he killed the owner when the man reached for a shotgun below the counter. His friends would have sold him out so he ran and ended up at the Nest. By that time, he had already gone through the worst of the physical withdrawal and since he couldn’t go back to Touristville, he decided to stay put. He lived for a while on the outskirts of the Nest until he landed a job at the Fields. He got to know Dylan fairly well after they found out that they both grew up in the same neighborhood and Dylan accepted him as his prospect. Tooth has been a Scrapper for a couple of years now and he lives with Mouse.

Tooth got his name because he’s missing his tusks. He says it happened in a bar fight and, hey, you shoulda seen the other guy! He’s got a criminal SIN because he got arrested a couple of times for petty theft and drug dealing.


April 2073

Kira hires him to teach her how to fight - there's no-one who knows more about dirty fighting than Tooth.


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