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It's the only area in Redmond that is not Barrens and borders on the rich and safe districts of Bellevue. Many posh kids come slumming to Touristville on Friday night, gambling, dancing or getting the drugs they need for the real parties in the better parts of the town. Some cars of Knight Errant casually patrol the area but most of the U²C (Upright Uptight Citizen) who go slummin' get their own muscles or bodyguards with them. If you want a job as cheap muscle you'll might get it from fixers in this area who work as bodyguard brokers for those spoiled kids.

The matrix is thick with spam, the worst case scenario you can ever imagine. Better turn your commlink to passive mode or even hidden, to escape the bombardment of night clubs, brothels or cheap body-shops of the area.

While the main road is still quite safe, if you don't count the pickpockets, thimblerigger and petty thieves around but if you leave them and turn to the back alleys you are left on your own. The northern part of Tourist Ville is protected by the Brain Eaters, a small tech heavy scavenging gang with a red fez as the symbol they wear, the main and southern part was taken by the Crimson Crush, a medium gang that you can easily recognize by their red leather jackets or the red bandana they wear. They have driven out the Eaters recently and rumors are that they get support by the Mafia, who try to get more influence around Touristville. But you'll find all syndicates running their interest in that area anyway. It's big money for the shadows.

While both protection gangs present themselves as a neighbourhood guard, they get their income by protection rackets, BTL- or drug-dealing anyway, while the Brain Eaters also might pinch some fancy electronics you brought with you in your “go slummin'” Ford Spiral 115Ti low-cost sports car with spoiler and foxtail accessory. On Mainstreet you also find a lot of mobile kitchen, noodle soup sellers, hawkers and a lot of other people who try to get their share of the tourist-money the rich kids bring into town. It's also the place for some of the Chinese traders and cooks coming from the Rat's Nest or the Plastic Jungles squatter community. It's not the big market you'll find at the Bargain Basements, right outside of Touristville, but you get a lot of the small stuff here.

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