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Twitch had had her ware implanted: boosters, retractable razornails, muscle implants and brand new Sony cybereyes. Dangerous and fast as lightning.

But something went wrong. She’s twitchy and seems unable to concentrate on anything that is longer than a cutscene in a Hong Kong flic. She was a bit jumpy and jumping quick into action even before the ’ware messed her nervous system up, but now…

Nobody is saying that Neil messed the job up. Not when he’s around. Some say she’s over the edge, but Twitch would never complain. She’s happy as she can be, bummer that nobody is offering her a job as a bouncer, bodyguard or muscle in her condition.

April 2071

Neil and Ningbo finally figure out what is wrong with the cyberware and repair it. The nickname stays, though.

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