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Unexpected Things

Slicer's Log

25th July 2071

Slicer‘s busy hacking away at a huge patch of brambles that are threatening to overgrow the side of a small house, standing on a clearing in the woods. In the background is a small barn, it’s red paint still fairly bright against the dark trees.

When Toy told me a while ago that a crazy green-haired elf had messed with her and Zach, I told myself not to get my hopes up. One, there must be more than one green-haired elf in the world and two, even if it was Frettchen, I couldn’t call the Blood Rumblers and ask for her phone number or shit. I did make some drives through Blood Rumblers turf, though, hoping for a chance meeting. There were one or two meetings, but not with Frettchen and I didn’t stay around and ask them.

Yeah, shouldn’t have bothered. Frettchen thought it would be a good idea to ask for a job at the clinic, I was on duty there and yeah. Fuck, this is so cheesy. If anyone did this in a SIM flick, people would laugh. Reunited by chance after seventeen years, cue romantic music. Jeez. We’re not so good at the whole romantic stuff, but we picked up right where we left off. I get a kick out of telling people that, yes, that is my wife. Everyone looks so shocked, it’s awesome.

Speaking of shocked. I stumbled over this abandoned house years ago. Sometimes I come here when the Nest gets on my nerves and I need a few days of quiet. It’s not much, but no one has ever bothered me here. And yeah, it reminded me of the farm we stayed at, back in Florida. I asked Frettchen to move in here with me and for once, she had nothing snarky to say. Actually, it took her a couple of seconds to think of anything to say and man, that was a fucking long wait. I was pretty sure I had made a damn fool of myself, but when she said yes…no drug has ever given me a high like that.

Frettchen had a run-in with a cyber troll, someone who fucked with her by hacking into everything electronic she wanted to use. Suddenly her microwave wanted to kill her, snack machines shot soda cans at her, traffic lights switched to green when she was in the middle of the street, that kind of stuff, ranging from annoying to deadly. She thought it was Zach, after all she had almost killed him, and fucked up his container, but Zach had nothing to do with it. It took a bit to figure out, but Christine, that old monster of a car Zach drives, is alive in some kind of way and she was pissed that Frettchen has driven a bike through her windshield.

Anyone sane would have tried to wreck that car. Frettchen asked her to come live with her because: car who wants to kill her = fun. I gotta admit, that worked out okay for now. But that car is fucking creepy. She has some serious issues with jealousy. We did some digging in her past and looks like she killed a lot of her former owners, probably when they were thinking about getting her replaced. It’s like living with a tiger or whatever, something that’s dangerous and not really tame. Shouldn’t have been surprised that Frettchen loves that car.


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