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Their motto is “Veritas est adaequatio intellectus et rei” and the group is fighting under that motto to provide “free, independent and uncensored news” to the people of Seattle. For this they use modified vans that act as a relay station for a codebreaking hacker, that is breaking into local transmission lines. They are spoofing a fake signal into relay stations so that they overwrite local trideo signals for a short time. To avoid getting traced, they never send longer than fifteen minutes, move on and send from a different position.

They operate in secrecy and even produce their own news clips. It’s neither known where their funds come, nor their equipment or where their headquarters are. But as far as known they recruit from university students or upper middle class. Known Members

  • Leader: Kaylee “Cheshire Cat” Lafayette or Krishna Kumar
  • Christos Vangelis
  • Mira Levers

March 2071

After Unwired got involved in the run on the Maria Magdalene Sanatorium, Unwired were kidnapped and ultimately killed by a group of unknown runners. Their deaths were set up to look like a car accident.


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