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Whistler came to the Rat’s Nest in 2065, he was about fourteen years old then and had been living on the streets for quite a while already. He had been at the wrong place at the wrong time when two gangs fought it out and had caught a bullet. The Nest’s clinic treats everyone or so Whistler had heard and the shadow doc, Neil, did indeed pull the bullet out, no questions asked. Or rather one question, if he had eaten today. Whistler accepted the offer of a meal and, unusually for him, trusted Neil enough to start hanging around the clinic after that.

It turned out that he had a talent for medicine and Neil has been teaching him. Whistler has been living with Neil for years now, although he often enough vanishes for days, just to proof that he can. After some really spectacular fights with Neil he has moved to his own container, but still works at the clinic. Neil considers Whistler pretty much his son and Whistler is not really happy with that, but at the same time he freaked when he felt abandoned after Neil got himself magical talent and a girlfriend on top of a lot of other big changes at the Nest. Incidentally, Whistler has a girlfriend himself, which happened shortly after he ripped into Neil because of Glitzy.

He said that he’d like to join the Scrappers, but so far he hasn’t made any move to get accepted as a prospect. He did begin a more serious training at the clinic – he’s on the level of a fairly competent med tech already, so when Neil offered to take it further, Whistler agreed. Neil also got his hands on a fake SIN for Whistler.

Whistler has a strained relationship with Maggie, to put it midly. During the raid on the Picas Whistler had been taken prisoner and Maggie tortured him to get information. To make things worse, she actually saved his life by doing that since she convinved the Picas that he was worth keeping alive. Maggie had been brought to the Nest and lives there now and Whistler has to find a way to deal with this.

March 2071

He has started to use Tempo and it’s probably only a matter of time until that habit spirals out of control.

Whistler dies when an experiment to get rid of the astral parasite he acquired along with him Tempo habit goes horribly wrong. Instead of dying or leaving when Whistler is put into hypothermia and his heart stops, the spirit takes over Whistler’s body. It’s ultimate fate is unknown.

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