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The workshop is the place to go if you want your bike repaired or have any other problems with any machine that isn’t a computer. Without it, the bikes of the Scrappers and the cars of the squatters would be in far worse shape. It’s also a chop shop for any cars people find and want to have redecorated. You also can buy weapons and home-made armor there or get them repaired.

A second workshop has been opened by Zach, around mid-2071. That workshop employs various people who know how to fix electronics and stuff, the fiddly things the original workshop is not really equipped to deal with, like microwaves, space heaters and such. People had been repairing those by themselves or had asked someone they knew. Now, people can pay a small sum as insurance and if something breaks, the workshop will fix it.

People you can find at the workshop:

Car Workshop

  • Kerry “Cure” McNeal in charge of the cars and motorcycles
  • Ella Stone mechanic
  • Líng Bái mechanic
  • Nguyễn Hoàng Tài mechanic
  • Jury “The Nose” Schatalow firearms, explosives and armor specialist
  • Rivet the smith – left around July 2071

Zach’s Workshop

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