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For over a hundred years, the Yakuza is a force to recon with at the West Coast of the United States, which the ‘Treaty of Denver’ didn’t change. By contrast, they are stronger than ever. For the last 50 years they fought on and off with the Mafia, sometimes with over a decade of blood.

But nothing is as good as it sounds. There are at least three big Yakuzas in Seattle and the West Coast, the Japanese Watada-rengo (very traditional and anti-meta), the Japanese-American Shotozumi-rengo and the Korean-American Seoulpa. The first two often keep peace, but the third was almost taken over by the other two a few decades ago and will never forget nor forgive. Also, Yakuzas usually belong either to the ‘new way’ or the ‘old way’… and the one usually doesn’t like the other one much.

The ‘old way’ Yakuzas live after tradition, dislike metahumans, and only pursue what they call ‘crime by choice’ – especially drugs of all sorts, laundering money, prostitution, gambling and corporate extortion. They also provide justice for hire. They try to avoid civilian casualties, but don’t think for a moment that they have more mercy than their ‘new way’ brethren – whoever opposes them is in no way a civilian, and they belief in a hard, swift justice.

The ‘new way’ Yakuzas have brought together the best methods of the Mafia and the Yakuza, and belief in efficiency and money. Opposition will be dealt with swift and cruel. They do almost everything that makes money, including violent crimes.

Often, Yakuzas live after the principles of jingi (respect), giri (duty) and ninjo (compassion), and many have large tattoos. Everyone suspects that they are in bed with the Japanocorps – after the turbulences of the last decade, only three of the five AAA concerns survived: Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, Renraku Computer Systems and Shiawase Corporation, all three having large possessions in Seattle.

selection of known or assumed affiliates:

The people of the Rat’s Nest are seen as unclean and subhuman. They call the people there the gomi-nezumi, the trash-rats but the name is even more offensive than that. So the dislike for each other is mutal, since the Rat’s Nest is covertly backed by the Mafia anyway (the mob and waste disposal, talking of stereotypes has a true core…) For the Yakuza the scavenging in the dirt, waste and goo of other people is something unspeakable. To kill one of that subhumans for them doesn’t even count as murder. It does count as vermin fighting and there have been some nasty incidents in the past which didn’t make it any better.

Places owned by or connected to the Yakuza:

Known members:

Crime Syndicates

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