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ArchetypeTechnomancer, Mechanik, ExGanger
Ageborn 2053
Lookingtall , short - medium cutted wild White hair, blue eyes


Zachery was born 2053 in a old run-down shadowklinic in Renton. He lived in a small house in a suburb part of Renton not far away from an old Concern-Factory(PLS ADD). His Father “Derrek” worked in the factory as typical wageslave, just working with Aktive-softs and having guilts to the neck. But was the only job he could find without getting dirty. His mother “Selene” served while then at the local bar “Pulp Fiction” one street away. He grew up fast. He experienced the Allday Shit on the streets every day. His house where just a few hundred metre from the next Metaslum away and many Ganger and other Squatters walked through the streets to enter Seattle for a better live… good luck chummer… More then once he escaped closly a beating from some grumpy Squatters locking for a lunch or just wanna beat somebody to blast steam of.

His Uncle Hook (Motherside) lived with them and had no work. After a few month he came back and told proud to be a member of the CrimsonCrushs now. “Zachery´s” Father tried to build a peacefullife away from the Fighting on the streets Seattle´s and dont wanted to get involved to some Gangshit or something. He wanted to Kick him out of the house but “Selene” said if he goes , she will to. The Bond between them was realy strong so He couldnt kick Hook out. “Hook” sayd that everything gone fine, he be carefull no one knows where he lived and the family be save (famous last words..) und he´s anyway most of the time with the gang and just dealing with drugs , so they allowed him to keep his things in his Room.

If his father Hook hasen´t so high guilts to the Con where he is working for, they had moved away trying to build up a better live somewhere else, but so they where improsent by an invicible cage. So they stayed and tried the best. The father keeped working at the Factory and His mother served 3 days a week at the bar to earn some extra cred. Zachory grew up relative healthy, chilled with some kids in the neighbourhood, stayed alert for grumpy Squatters or played the new version of “Dawn of Atlantis” in the matrix, since he´s got his first commlink with 7. His parents saw it as oppurtunity to keep Zachory busy and having some time for themself and Zachery liked the games or discover onknown lands in die matrix.

However…it happens to this factory where his father are employed and most of the working peoples in this part a Renton where employed got sold to a greater Con, who wanted the monopole for his product and they got closed.

At this point Zachory was just a child 9 years old. His mother wanted to stop serving at the local bar, since more and more turf-fights between the “Crimson Crush´s” , “First Nations” and other local gangs happend lately and the risk to be a young Barwoman without any protection was to high. In consequenze to the high unemployement-rate, the needed money, and his father see no other way , by looking at his still high guilts he couldnt payback completely, then joining a local Gang (ADD PLS?).

Cause the bloodrelation to one of they member “Howard” joined up fast. He had a talent for guns and sold drugs for them on the street, so he claimed a few low ranks and get a new GangName … “”. His Mother could serve at the bar again without a risk through the protection from his Husband.

Zachory recognized that something changed and realized it fast. He was most of the time alone, in the matrix or chilling with some neighbour kids, or in the bar where his mother serving. He was the youngest and interupted discusions from the older ganger so sometimes the other gangers talking to him or mostly …joking around.

But it happend 2065, when Zachery was 10 for a few month now the the local gang where his father belongs to, started a war against a rival gang. The streets changes to battlegrounds for that time and one night… after a drive-by , targeting the Bar where many GangMembers where together at that point of tim. His mother where shot, hit by an ricochet. The bullet hitted her Spinal Column and she got totaly paralized.

Thats not bad if u got enough money to pay a shadowdoc, but the Surgery costs and Healthcare where out of the limits at the time. She got into a shadowclinic but without enough money they just gonne die in one week. The hit for Zachery was realy hard. He communicated with her mother via matrix and almost spent every second in her surrounding.

In his Desperation Howard volunteered to an easyn prey coup, his gang wanted to made. A lot of Creds , enough for for the healthcare of “Selene” was promised so he just accepted all risks.

The run went good, till the point a few curropted cops appeared and blew everything off. Most of the team where killed, just his Uncle and hist father survived with a small pice of the prey… They gang give them both the fault for the meesing up operation and keeping the prey even after “Howard” begged them to give him enough only for another week caretaking of “Selene”. They agreed in exchange to another job…

This circle gone for a while and “Howard” and “Hook” ,who tried to keep it save from zachery, taking the worsed kind of job to sell the caretaking to his Wife and save money for the Surgery operation. After 2 month and dozend of jobs the two taken he made a small mistake and .. (PLS ADD IF IDEA , you are the GlitchMaster ;) ) and got catched tby the cops. His Uncle escaped, but Howard got 7 years prison for (). The bill doesnt got payed… and zachery where thrown from his mothers bed when they cut the enegery to his breath device … They where linked together via matrix when her lath breath leaved the corps…

The hit for Zachory was hard, His Uncle now drinked all day and try do drown his angre and his feeling of guilt. Sometimes they visit his Father in Prison, but Zachery was desitracted in the meetings and get more and more distanced from everything, going more online and things like that. “Hook” tried his best to feed Zachery but was to destroyed by the lost of his sister and his “brother”. He not only started to drink. Sometimes he just cryied, or gone to GangParties and took even more worse stuff and come back next day totaly destroyed by the Results of DrugCocktails. It Happends more then once He appeared in the mid of night, came to his room and beating up the shit out of Zachery.

Zachery bear the pain for a near half a year, and after one “nightrush” from his uncle he just got his cloth, a small lunchPaket and leave the house. He has no place to go, noone to care about and just ran in the first direction came in mind….

Time at the Picas

Zachery´s first day´s on the street where more than uncomfortable. He found barely something to eat, only found an empty garage to sleep in, and got robbed in the second night. He has almost no hope left and started to think over returning to his most possible still drunked uncle. But then while he walking targetless on the streets, looking for some water and food, he meet a few other kids crawling around. They seem to be in the same situation at him, and told him they grouped together. The kids wented to there nightplace and invited Zachery to joining up, but he has to do his part. He agreed and was happy to have some company finaly. The kids told him they are romurs about a big gang with kid´s like us having the tag: “trust no one over 15.” and they are on the way to joining them. They said if u do your part and prove yourself Zachery can joining them to.

, had been living on the streets since his first headache came. He fled the pain into smoking snuff at first, was joining a child gang 'Picas' for protection and community with 14. The headaches were getting worse at that age, then he started to suffer of AIPS.

First he thought it was just epileptic seizures, but he finally found out it was induced by electronics. He was already hearing voices and feared he was suffering from schizophrenia, when he met Wily after her gang initiation rape. He helped her up and madly fell in love with her how only a young boy can fall in love with a girl.

He needed her as she needed him, caring and caressing each other and stabilizing in the times on the street. His snuff didn't work much more against the pain and finally the things around him started to haunt him. The scratched video screen was telling him about the pains from the kids hitting it, when the screen went static from bad reception.

The rusty old toaster told him; “I throw up of this”, shortly before it ejected the moldy toasts he had for breakfast and other little incidents.

After a few months Wily got pregnant, but he didn't want Pinch and Hose, the gangboss and first lieutenant of the Picas to abort the pregnancy and sell the foetus to the Blood Rumblers, but it didn't went well and he found himself bloodstained and beaten up in the alley behind the club house after that. He got up and hardly made it off the turf alive, unable to help the drugged Wily flee with him in her condition after the forced abortion. He didn't see her again for almost a year after that.

His time was up with the Picas anyway, for he was becoming sixteen and had to leave the one or the other way. His AIPS had gotten to its worst condition.

The time with Joe

He made it off the turf and was found by Joe, a mechanic from a junk yard on the far west side of the Pica turf half dead. He helped the lousy street-kid he was and gave him a job at his yard, where he was removing useful parts from rusty car-wrecks before they got pressed to scrap metal and shipped off for recycling. Joe discovered his knack with mechanics and especially his sixth sense for lost and buried electronics inside the wrecks, that Zachery managed to sniff out like a boar would sniff truffles.

The junkyard was near the 524 and well enough connected to the Matrix, which was actually helping his headache and his AIPS got better. He started to sense that there was more about the talking voices and his knack for machinery than him just being crazy. It was the time of the big witch-hunts and a evil 'Technomancer' was hung once a week somewhere in the sprawl. So his suspicion got certainty and he started more and more to hide his special gift.

He left Joe for it was getting more and more obvious that he was special and others started to suspect something weird about Zachery. He went off in the vague direction of Touristville, hoping to find some new start, some job, some home where he was safe. Something like a family. He was no child anymore, it was time to become a man.


“Fuck man, that was close! fortunatly i had my Crossbow this time. Goddamn warthogs, the third time this month… im not a racist, even i know even some god ones of them i calliny my friends. They definately not to different from us. But thats the point why they so dangerous….”

“I should be curios?! … haha what a nonsene… i already know everything u do, so cmon .. why should i be curios?”

“Yes the world is pretty much fucked up. But the Matrix … is different. Its can be a dangerous place to but she is also full of “life”. And if not, you just can “breath” it into her. Its wonderfull! The next and maybe final step in the natural Evolution. Everyone is connected to everything…just… i guess the heaven is like this.”


Home: 1 container with a lot of luxuries, including chillmaster 3000, a maidservant-drone and a full entertainmentsystem.

Owned Businesses:

#2 Desktopforges - located near the fields - security: fireprevention + securitylocks + cameras + some guards provided by the scrappers. - provide smaller parts for zachs shops or can be rented for a fee. average earnings/month 300Y

#2 Furnaces - located near the fields. - used to melt down components savaged by the fieldworkers and used to smelt ressources into components and medium sized parts. - can be rented for a fee. average earnings/month 60Y

# hardware Repairshop - (12 members) - workshop Tools (electronic + hardware + mechanik) - located near …. ? “for a small fee anyone in the nest can get an insurrance for their devices. If a commlink is broken or your microwave gives up this is the spot where you take em.” - average earnings/month ~400Y?

# Furniture Manifacture - 20 members - workshoop Tools (carpentry) - located near …. ? - produce Tables, Chairs, Bords and the likes out of plastik, wood ect. - average earnings/month ~1200Y?

# Hardware Manufacture - 8 members - workshop Tools(Hardware, Electronik) - located near …. ? - produces zach´s own microwave, fridge, coffemashienes, waterheater and ovendesign. a little crude, but hardy and durable. It comes with a 3 year garantue and spareparts are allways there. - average earnings/month ~600Y?

# Household Supplies - 20 members - workshoptools (smelting?) - located near …. ? - produces cutlery, scissors, knifes, pottery, pans, cups, thermocans and normal householdsupplies. - average earnings/month ~700Y?

# Drugs - 2 members, 1 partner - Sells snuff (raw) to a couple of dealers. - average earnings/month ~300Y?

Partnerships and Associates:

# Recources - partners: the Nest - Zach has multiple ownings between the ressources and the products a multitude of people do in the nest. Most prodcuts created in the nest will have nails, parts and components from on of his workshops.

# Rattrap service - partners: Viatnamese (gen wong) Girls at the restaurant - for a small fee they offer a small electronic trap that catches and harmlessly kill rats and retrieve them within an hour for coocking at the restaurant. - average earnings/month ~50Y?

# Workshop partners - Partners: Monkeywrench - resources, tools and manpower gets switched between zach and monkey regulary to keep everything afloat.

# Fixer partners - Partners: Roadblock, Black Flag - Zach bought Roadblock a new small fixerworkshop for him and his sister to live in. He brokered a partnership between him and Black flag to proved him with work and the gang with another fixer. he also sells some of zachs stuff there.

# Providers - Partners: Scavanger - an deal exists for small unique parts out of glow city. Zach pays a little extra and gets to choose first from unique components gathered by the scavys. He also trades in items regulary.

# Medicin - partners: Neils Clinic - Zach provides the clinic with an realistic Surgeon simulation for trainingpurposes.

# Drugs - Partners: Zoé - Has a share in the weedfarm container and seels weed.

# Shoolings - Partners: Faé, Rats nest - Zach has an enclosed Library with virtual teachers in any major field for the kids to learn. He also sponsors the kindergarden with supplies and cloths.

List of Teachers:

(5) Mathematics | (6) History (6) Physics | (6) Literature (6) Biology | (6) Phylosophie (5) Chemistry | (3) Politics (4) Geology | (3) Religion

(6) History (6) Literature (6) Phylosophie (3) Politics (3) Religion (2) Economics (2) Society

(3) Art (4) Music

(3) English (3) Spanish

(3) Computerscience (3) Robotics (6) Magical Theory


# multiple shops at the rats nest.

# a medium sized shop in the Squatters mall. The shopkeeper is….

# he sells at Roadblock near the black flag turf.

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