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She looks sixteen, maybe seventeen but she tries to look younger, taking G3 every day to keep herself in the bizz, popping it just about daily. Her skin complexion is darker, maybe some latino blood in her veins, if you filter out the other stuff first. She has always slightly messy brunette, shoulder long hair with a streak of white in it and moss green eyes. She’s on amphetamine, turned on like a spotlight, uneasy and jittering, maybe Cram and very talkative when on drugs, sometimes just talking to herself.

She loves Disney films and sometimes acts like a Disney princess, Leia for example.

When not streetwalking she loves to go shopping with Wily and while she distracts the vendor, Wily uses the distraction to spirit away the most valuable things from the showcases and offerings. The two girls are teaming well together. They just share the same fate, which bound the Working Girls together into a kind of girl-gang.

She is the most experienced of the girls on the street, but still Wily seems to take the initiative most of the times. Her looks change often but she is always in style, like knee-high boots,, black leather miniskirt, stylish clothes. She is sexy and she knows it. The Disney quirk is something she is a bit insecure about, because she is a bit ashamed of enjoying being a princess. She never would wear pink, though. Black and bold, bright colors are more her style with too much eyeliner.

March 2071

Zoé moves into the Rat’s Nest and gets a job there at the Rusty Barrel, as barmaid for the morning shift.

December 2071

Zoé takes up another job at Zach's cannabis growing operation and produces edibles.

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